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Top traded strategies in the last ninety days

Top traded strategies for the last ninety days

Most of you will automatically think that the Top traded strategies means strategies that gain the biggest amount of pips. In some cases yes, the Top traded strategies are the most successful.

Generally speaking the Top traded strategies are those with the biggest number of trades on Forex. Being in Top three means that these Expert Advisors are stable and most of the traders rely on them, because of the great performance in the past and present.

Top Forex Expert Advisors for the last fourteen days

FuLuShou GBPNZD statistic last 14 days

Back to the Mirror Trader platform where ThirdBrainFx has the biggest range of automated strategies. What is happening on the Forex market and how our strategies reacting to the volatile behavior of some currencies, we will find out now.

Looking at the pips gained in the past fourteen days I can conclude that the ThirdBrain specialist, who produce new strategies regularly and improve the existing one, did their job to the best of their abilities. We are witnesses to very good performance and high relevancy to the current market conditions.

US Existing Residential Buildings Sales Stayed Above 5 Million Units

During the afternoon, at GMT 2:00 p.m., the National Association of Realtors in the United States released the annualized figure of existing residential building sales during the previous month. As sale of a residential building, usually mean that the inhabitants will be buying additional products and services that create a positive ripple effect, market participants consider this data to be a leading indicator of the US housing market as well as the overall economy.

Currency pair EUR/USD and its story


Compared to the other major currency pairs traded in the Forex market, EUR/USD history is relatively brief, spanning little more than ten years since trading began in the Euro at the end of the 20th century.
Nevertheless, the common currency for the European Union came about as the result of a long and drawn out process, which led to the increasing monetary unification of Europe and the adoption of the Euro by many of the nations participating in the Union.

The Deutsche Bundesbank is Cautious About Q4 Growth

At GMT 10:30 a.m., the German central bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, released its monthly report, which is basically a commentary regarding the economy in forms of relevant articles, speeches, statistical tables. This monthly report offers traders and market analysts a detailed analysis of the current and future economic conditions regarding the German economy from the perspective of the German central bank. Hence, market participants often try to figure out the future direction of the economy based on by interpreting the Bundesbank’s monthly report.

Pound under Pressure amid Lower Claimant Count Change Figure

At GMT 8:30 a.m., the UK’s Office for National Statistics released the claimant count change figure, which measures the changes in the number of people who claimed unemployment related benefits from the government in the last month.

Market Commentary – October 14, 2014

At 8:30 a.m., the UK’s Office for National Statistics released the year over year consumer price index (CPI) figure, which measures the changes in the price of goods and services that consumers bought during the last 12 months (TTM). Since the CPI figure is considered to be the country’s most significant data regarding inflation, market analysts consider this to be a leading indicator of the economy.

Often, the Bank of England, the central bank of the country, adjust their interest rate according to the inflation level as well.

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